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An updated story so far... Jan 2003

(Read the original 'story so far' from when the travels started in 2000.)

Travel seems to like me it seems. I've been on the road for more than two years now and there seems no end in sight.

New horizons have opened up since taking to the road for a two month stint around a bit of Australia. I've not only extended the trip to seven months and then indefinitely, but have expanded my career to involve travel, the rewarding art of professional photography, travelling with World Superbikes and catching up with some really great people all over the world.

2003 will hold a range of new challenges for me. Possibly the biggest two will be trying to survive as a freelance journalist in the dog eat dog world of motorsport, combined with the plan of riding to each of the European rounds (about 20,000 km).

Will the bike make it? Is my somewhat broken body up to touring through the range of temperatures found in Europe? Will I survive the language difficulties when something goes wrong? Can I finish the work in time to allow riding time to the next round in another country? Is there enough work for me to make the money I need to complete the year?

Only time will tell if I can hold it all together...

Do you think I can make it? Let me know.
Rob Mader


Read about the Nullarbor journey on the Yamaha FJ1200.

Working at the German World Superbike round at Eurospeedway Lausitz, East Germany.

A day in Köln with Christine.

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